From the Tusca forniture tradition, from the family work oh the three generation of Pucci's, comes the new kitchen brand "Romano Pucci" The firm , in the years , found a natural placement in the commercial sector of the contract upon costumers request and established itself in the markets of United Arab Emirats, Far East and Europe Now it faces for the first time on the market with products of its own , with very glamorous kitchens, charachterized by a strong design and a high technology.

General Contract

Romano Pucci has been operating for 40 years in the production of forniture and accessories for forniture , designed by the costumer. Since 2000 , the supply contract to represent the main activity , especially in japan, UAE and USA we have made significant deliveries of kitchens and cabinets for use in apartments , residences and hotels . With years of experience serving business and provided the latest equipment, Romano Pucci is able to deal professionally with any type of product offering, if required, design support and the provision of the costumer to achieve common goals. The forbade geographical position, close to highway, rail, port and a airport, providing a fast connection to Italy and foreign countries.


Small preview of the catalogue Romano Pucci.
The original frame who traces all around the compositions a sinuous line, gives all the composed groups a look more architectural than of simple interior fittings. The compositions so closed and monolithic can be well placed both in modern sites and historic houses.

Step of Production


Viale Comaschi, 15
56021 Cascina (PI) Italy